Well, if you visit this site and rely on this page for updates then you probably leave without seeing all the new good stuff. The site has been updated but this news section tends to get overlooked. You should always check out the ScriptClips section and the In Development section for updates. So what's new? Well, in the SlideShows section there are 2 new slideshows.Simple Slide Show that allows multiple versions of the same script to be included on the same page. The script looks a lot better in IE as it uses the transition filters to provide multimedia transitions between slides.The Clickable Slideshow is an extension of the Simple Slide Show and allows each picture to have a link associated so you can navigate to a new page or open a larger version of the picture. In the ScriptClips section there is Text Trans Rollovers which again use the Microsoft Transition filters to create dynamic rollovers. Stay In View - which is an extension to the floating DIV script so that the DIV only floats when it is about to be scrolled off screen. In the In Development section there is work on progress on a Popup Picture Viewer that uses a layer to center a picture in the browser even when the window is resized. There has also been a little extra work done on the Left Slide Menu with extra demos.