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[-] Welcome

Welcome to JavaScript-FX. Here you will find JavaScripts that have been developed using Object Oriented (OO) methods as opposed to the more normal "Procedural" JavaScript. For this reason you can have multiple versions of the same script on one page and you can easily combine any of the scripts.

[-] Halloween (I mean Valentines Day) Approaches - (Jan 24 2002)

I was recently contacted by a visitor to JavaScript-FX (ShadowGate) who had used the Halloween script to create a very eye-catching Valentines Page. This got me thinking.. (Dangerous!!!). It took me about 20 minutes to come up with the demo's for Valentines Day using scripts from this site. It then took about 3 days to get the pages in reasonable state to upload (I really need to start on PHP to make the site easier to maintain). Anyway, check them out using the links at the bottom left of the page.

[-] Who owns the 3 column format ? - (Jan 20 2002)

After changing most of the important pages to the 3 column format I was worried I might be accused of "ripping" someone else's site. Well, doing some surfing of the net I found that most sites use a 3 column format in one way or another, so is it ripping or just a good layout format?

[-] Why the change ? - (Jan 16 2002)

Regular visitors may be wondering why the layout of the site has changed. Two Reasons.

The first is, I turned on stats and found that one third of visitors never got past the front page. This was probably due to the cheesy DHTML animation.

The second is, I found PHPNuke.org. I found the 3 column layout very clean. I was considering using PHPNuke to manage this site but it is a lot of PHP code and I need only a few of the features. I have decided to learn PHP in order to manage this site better and create only the features I need. At the moment this is just a Dreamweaver Template and only the front page will be in this format until I have figured out how the rest of the site will fit into the template. At this time the links will work but they link to the old site format.


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