A pinwheel firework follows the mouse. Every 10 seconds the pinwheel changes to one of 4 different effects.

Text Flag
A waving flag of text follows the mouse. You can change the font face, size and color. You can also customize the size of the wave effect. (See the 2nd demo). This script is based on the famous text following script from but is created using JSFX_Layer.js.

Image Flag
Convert any image into a flag that tracks the cursor. You can customize this one too. In fact, the second demo looks more like it's underwater.

This is based on the Elastic Bullets script by Philip Winston. Using OO Design, each spring is an object so you can have multiiple springs tracking the mouse, as in demo2. If you want to see some impressive springs then view the demo with images

This is based on the Elastic Bullets script by Philip Winston. This script actually uses the same ".js" file as above but extends the spring code to allow you to create a springy message that trails the cursor.

This is based on the Swirling Cursor Trail script by Ozone. The original script on which this conversion is based was found on the site Website Abstraction. However Ozones now has an updated script that you will want to check out, Click here

Of course, if it can be done with images then it can be done with text. Using the same circle.js file as above you can create text circles as well.

This is an unusual mouse trailer with a fair amount of configuration options. Here are just 8 demos.

This script can be configured in 4 different ways. Create "Rocket", "Comet", "Sparkler" and "Flaming Torch" mouse trailers..

"Water" drops from the cursor? This can be configured for droplets that "Drop", "Spray"and "Launch" from the cursor...but only when it moves.

This script is called "Mouse Squidie" because the original script was developed to simulate the Sentinals or "Squidies" from the film "Matrix". If you use the right images you can get the desired effect. This script uses different images to create different mouse trailers.